The Perceived Value of SAP Certification

According to SAP, there are few certifications and credentials in the IT and business administration world which have the value of a SAP certification. Individuals who have achieved the certification are perceived as an elite group who hold the keys to a powerful and successful career.

A Worthy Investment

SAP certification is not the cheapest certification around, many individuals who choose to study both Associate and Professional level certifications often have to invest thousands into doing so. A certification from a software company, no matter how expensive still doesn’t achieve the impact that a qualification from a governing body does. Yet SAP certification is still extremely desirable to consultants and end users, they are convinced that it’s perceived value will be the answer to a successful SAP career.

SAP’s offering is perceived to be the most elite, relevant and up to date ERP certification. The testing procedure, especially at Professional level, is rigorous and each candidate has to show demonstrable experience of SAP implementations. SAP is also committed to developing and improving its certification methods to ensure that only the most dedicated and worthy individuals reach the ultimate certification level of SAP Master.

What SAP Clients Want

Despite its perceived value, many IT insiders feel that real world ability and demonstrable experience is of far greater importance than a SAP certification. This is not a view often shared by SAP’s customers. Many businesses that are undergoing SAP implementation will only do so with a certified consultant. Certification carries a lot of weight and suggests to clients high levels of knowledge, capability and experience.

Businesses don’t ask bookkeepers to sign off final accounts or manage internal audits, they entrust such crucial business processes with experienced and certified accountants and auditors. The same can be said for SAP implementation and development processes. A SAP implementation is a costly and lengthy process and businesses need to trust the capabilities of SAP consultants who are performing 雲端 erp  the installations. Certification is evidence of the capabilities and knowledge of consultants; it is a mark of excellence which provides assurance and transparency to SAP customers.

A Commitment to Quality

SAP is a company committed to delivering quality to its customers and it has introduced the certification method as a clear indication of that dedication. The company put’s its reputation on the line with each consultant that achieves certification: a SAP certified consultant that doesn’t live up to expectations can be extremely damaging to SAP’s global brand but a talented SAP certified consultant can improve customer confidence. Underpinning the entire certification method is the commitment from SAP to minimise risks made in SAP investments, SAP wants to ensure that each implementation is a true success and introducing the certification is a way to control this.

Certification + Experience = True Success

A certification alone does not equal a successful career, nor does it demonstrate a consultant’s actual capabilities. However by offering 3 different levels of certification. SAP has ensured that implementations are only carried out by experienced and knowledgeable individuals resulting in success for both consultants and businesses.


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