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Air disinfection can be done through a number of ways, including the use of ultraviolet radiation that kills viruses and bacteria. However the lamp’s penetration capacity can be limited. Chemical disinfectants can also be used for sanitization through spraying and vaporizing but they can be hard to decompose and therefore end up leaving toxic residues that can be hazardous to health. Ozone treatment is probably the best and most effective disinfecting method because it is a powerful oxidizer that kills microorganisms before then converting it into oxygen within a very short period of time hence the reason why it is considered an environment friendly disinfectant.

Ozone treatment is best done by professionals because the gas can be dangerous. The services are easily available today and you can have your air smelling fresh and clean within a short period of time and without going through the tedious task of trying to clean out everything in your house to get rid of the odors. Ozone cleaning has a number of other benefits and they include the following.

· Its gaseous form makes it very easy to fill areas and penetrate areas faster in areas that would have been hard to reach when using traditional methods. The treatment works even on upholstery and fabrics in activating the contaminants effectively and fast.

· This treatment saves you the time and money you would have used when trying to clean out your large home bit by bit, surface by surface and item by item. One treatment is enough to get rid of all the odors from all parts of your home fast and easy regardless of the contents and size of the rooms.

· The treatment works on doors, frames, walls, office 空氣清新機 floors, windows and even ceilings without requiring additional chemicals to have everything clean. The air is automatically treated in one single attempt and you have clean air all around you.

· Ozone sanitation eliminates the risks of recontamination considering that contaminants can easily spread from one area to another during cleaning using implements and cleaning cloths. It actually does not leave any harmful chemical residue and you can fully trust in a completely hygienic space.

· The treatment gets rid of different kinds of odors including cigarette odors, smoke odors, cooking odors, animal odor and also inhibits the growth of mold and fungus. Apart from getting rid of the odors, it eliminates viruses and bacteria and other harmful elements within your space. At the end of the day you will have fresh, clean air to breath.

· It is a cleaning method that can be used in any given kind of setting, including residential, commercial and industrial areas. It is flexible and effective and takes a short period of time to yield results that are beyond the expectations of clients. The professionals offering treatment services know how to get the best results with the cleaning so you can have the best sanitary environment regardless of the needs that you have or operations you must run.

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