“Sports Betting Champ” – Taking the Gamble Out of Gambling?

Online betting systems, do they really work, can they be the answer to earning easy, fast money? For many, betting systems are forever seen as a “scam” but can this stigma really be justified? One such betting system is Sports Betting Champ. Sports Betting Champ is over 5 years in the making, it was created by John Morrison, a statistics PhD graduate from Cornell University, and a passionate sports fan. The system claims to win over 97% of bets placed, and you do not need any knowledge of statistics or sports, surely this is too good to be true, I know your thinking this is impossible, but is it?

Firstly let us understand that the system works on the basis of betting on selected games, not all games in a season. In fact, only a small number of games. Let’s take for example the 2005-06 season, the sports betting champ system scored an incredible record of 71 winning bets and 3 losses satta. As you can see this is a remarkable success rate, but there was only 74 games bet on. When you realise that there are 30 teams in the league and each play 82 games it becomes clear that this is a very small number of the seasons total games. The ability that this system has to significantly increase positive results is due to how these games are selected; this is the key to achieving financial profit.

The system uses in depth statistical analysis of a huge range of data, not simply looking through the paper, or listening to TV, like an individual; it takes everything into account. What is the advantage of this you may ask? Through doing this the system can automatically generate bets for the games that provide the lowest betting risk, and the most likely offer a positive result. This means that the probability of winning is hugely increased, and so the potential for earning large sums of money is substantially increased. I know what the sceptics will be saying, if this is true why would John Morrison give other people his system?

To answer this question, let us look at the bigger picture. Gambling is a huge business, and there are millions of bets placed each and everyday, and it is for this reason John Morrison is able to let other people use his system. The small number of people who will get access to the betting system will make little to no difference to profits of Vegas and bookmakers, because there will still be millions of people wagering on their own high risk betting picks. So if you had a system that worked and you could offer to others would you not share it, because truthfully, everyone likes to see Vegas lose! Another typical question of the sceptic of the betting systems is if they are so successful why do they offer a money back guarantee, is this admitting that the system may fail? If you put this in to a different context, for example, when you buy a new kitchen appliance, that comes with money back guarantee, this not because it is expected to break but it is to give the consumer confidence in the product, and this added confidence encourages the purchase of the product. Everybody loves to bet, but why bet at such high risk when this system significantly lowers the risks and helps to maximise potential profits.

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