Poker Lessons

Do you enjoy the games of Texas Holdem, Omaha, or any other variations to the game of poker? Like making money and could use some more of it? Do you know where to go to get valuable poker training?

Since the “Moneymaker Effect” took place in 2003, poker as we know it has grown by leaps and bounds to include mega-bucks, high-action cash games as well as huge tournaments. Today, poker even serves as a full-time job for some players. Along with the growth in popularity has come a coupled growth in skill level with the poker players of today.

To battle the ever increasing skill level that the poker community has ascertained, 95% of the serious poker players now find themselves studying hand histories, discussing play with mentors, subscribing to poker training sites, and/or taking lessons.

If you are seeking poker lessons, what is it that you REALLY want? Want to raise your win rate? Want tips on how to calculate opponents hand ranges? Want to learn how to win hands that you almost certainly are losing? Want to learn percentages and odds? -OR- Are you simply looking for poker lessons to teach you starting hand rankings, how the game is played, what a small blind and big blind is, and the like?

A majority of “poker lesson” websites are very far from instructional. Instead, people set up numerous websites, throw weak content down on them, and poker88 plaster links and promo codes to numerous other companies all over the sites. They hope that you stumble across their website, end up at a different website, spend money, and allow for them to receive a commission. They do not truly care giving you valuable poker lessons, they are only after a quick buck. It is on these websites that you will see very in depth poker knowledge such as: “The best starting hand is AA” or “The small blind is to the immediate left of the dealer button.”

If you are genuinely looking for poker lessons, these probably aren’t the type of lessons you were seeking. However, all hope is not lost.

Through the recent development of high-content, in-depth knowledge poker training websites, you now have some of the best poker lessons ready at your beckoned call. For example, visit Poker Training by BlueFire Poker. Here you will have access to hundreds and hundreds of poker lessons created by top-notch poker professionals that have created each lesson with a particular focus in mind,…to make you a better player.

If you have ever imagined having one-on-one coaching from a poker pro, here is your opportunity. With a roster of first class professional card players, led by online poker sensation Phil Galfond (aka OMGClayAiken and Jman28) and 2010 WSOP Main Event November 9 member Jason Senti (PBJaxx), BlueFire has assembled a powerful lineup that delivers quality over quantity as far as poker lessons go.

It all comes down to what you are looking to receive out of your poker lesson. Are you looking for beginner, entry level, and outdated material? Or would you rather receive first-class, high level, deep thinking, highly profitable knowledge? The decision is up to you.

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