Network Marketing Classified Ads – How to Attract and Sponsor 10-20 New Business Builders Per Month

Are you getting tired of trying to recruit your friends and family members into your network marketing opportunity? Are you considering using classified ads instead, so that you can attract the right kind of people and build your business effectively? If so, surely you do not want to spend a lot of money putting up classified ads that are not going to get you the results you are after.

The secret is learning how to create a classified free ads compelling message that will catch the attention of the reader, communicate a message to them clearly, and lead them to take action immediately. Learn and apply these secrets today and you’ll have your phones ringing off the hook with qualified people who are ready to join your team.

This means that your ad reads more like something you might say to a person you meet out in public. Remember, you want to get a person’s attention, and the best way to do that is to speak to them as a person. A good way to determine whether you are doing this is to picture someone walking up to you on the street and speaking to you the way your ad speaks. For instance: “Need some extra money?” is speaking to someone as a person, while “Make money from home.” sounds more mechanical and is likely to get less attention.

Vague advertising is usually considered to lack credibility. Not only that, if you’re not clear about what you are saying, you’ll end up with a lot of unqualified responses. Do not make it sound as if you are offering someone a job, because you will get people who are looking for something they can just settle right into. These are obviously not the kind of people you are looking for. Instead, be sure that they know it is an opportunity and that the potential depends upon the effort and energy that they put in.

People are not really interested in making a lot of money; they are interested in the lifestyle it can afford them. This means if you want to create a compelling message, you present them with the dream they will achieve when the money has arrived. For instance: “How would it feel to never have to wake up to your alarm clock again? If you are looking for a solid opportunity to make all the money you need to create your dream lifestyle, we need to talk.” Notice that this introduction speaks directly to the benefit of getting up whenever they please and of using the money to build their dream.

Curiosity is the most compelling element when it comes to selling people anything. Whether it is a business opportunity, a product, or a service, curiosity is the master motivator. That said, be sure that you tell them just enough for them to understand what you are offering, but not so much that they don’t wonder how it will happen. This will give them a reason to respond immediately.

There are simple tweaks and adjustments that can be added to any ad in order to double or even triple its effectiveness. The main difference between mediocre networkers and top earners is their ability to market themselves and their business. If you’re serious about learning the ins and outs of marketing online and offline, connect with a mentor who can share their secrets with you. Success leaves clues, and you’d be surprised just how willing some people are to share their secrets and create a dynamic win-win situation for everyone.

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