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Flat Irons are modern hair straighteners that has a heating element, like a heating plate on either side, made up of ceramic materials, aluminum, Nano silver, Titanium Oxide, Tourmaline, Iron etc, cased in a plastic holder with a plastic or rubber handle. It comes in various vibrant and cool colors and also in various sizes according to the person’s kind and volume of hair. It is highly efficient, safe and quicker than the hot combs or heated rods. They are used to style hair to make them straight, curly, straight pony, bun, up sweep etc. Thermal Protectors are used to protect hair from harsh effects of high temperature.

Ceramic Flat Iron

Ceramic flat Irons are hair straighteners which use ceramic heaters, on either side of the clamp, which is mixed with materials like titanium and tourmaline to boost the output. Most ceramic flat irons are made with aluminum or titanium coated with ceramic layers. More the ceramic layers, more flexible it is to use according to the need and style and more precise to choose the temperatures. But such Flat Irons might damage the hair if the ceramic layer is worn out.

Despite being expensive, it is beneficial to use pure ceramic Iron, provided it is handled carefully. Invisible Infrared rays are used in all ceramic flat irons that employ far infrared heating. Nano materials like Nano silver to inhibit bacterial growth, Nano titanium ceramic christmas decoration for even heat distribution in hair and Nano titanium oxide to inhibit chemical reactions are added to the ceramic layer. Tourmaline is also added to boost negative ion output to produce smooth and sleek hair styles.

Steps to use a flat iron

Clean hair is a must :

*Use a good hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and cleanse the hair thoroughly because the hair should be hydrated, cleaned and must be free of dust, dirt and grease.

No Ironing without Thermal Protectors:

*Thermal Protectors like sprays, creams and foams are available in the market and are used to protect the hair from the harsh infrared rays from the ceramic heater that may denature the hair on a prolonged usage and from chemical damage that may lead to hair breakage.

*Conditioners reduce the harmful effects of hair straightening by heating drastically. Using the right kind of conditioners is mandatory. Thermal protectors also provide shine, gloss and neat appearance. Use these products on wet hair.

Must dry well for good results:

*There are no shortcuts to straight or curly silky hair. You have to be patient, alert and careful throughout the process. After applying or spraying the thermal protector thoroughly on hair, the hair must be dried extensively using a hair dryer.

*The hair must not be damp at all. If the heating is done on damp hair, the hair might puff up or frizz up giving an odd incomplete look spoiling the style. Let the hair dry slowly and completely.

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