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The past 2 years have seen Google bit by bit tighten its search engine algorithms’ screw and take a number of steps to enhance its search results’ overall quality. Needless to say, this is good news for common users.

However, for business men who heavily rely on Google for website traffic and sales leads, it is something to be concerned about. This new development presents numerous challenges and opportunities; however, it depends on how you personally look at them.

Presently, the application of cheap SEO tricks in an attempt to pull long-term search engine traffic doesn’t work. However, there is a great opportunity to exhibit proper knowledge and skill of your industry and distinguish yourself with top-notch B2B content marketing strategies.

A debate is still raging on concerning how Google really defines quality. Nonetheless, there are factors which are universally acceptable. These include:
• Comprehensive content which addresses issues in detail
• Quality backlinks from other well established companies (websites)
• The often shared content

Being able to address the above factors with your content will guarantee regular streams of search engine traffic to your website. Besides, it will also help you build a strong brand image that will eventually lead to your being established as a reliable name in the industry.

Content marketing – what is it?
The term Content Marketing is now being used almost synonymously with blogging by several internet marketers. However, it is more than that. As the name suggests, Content Marketing refers to marketing your brand by means of quality content and sharing useful industry knowledge. Thus, it consists of all forms of online and offline content. The objective for both doesn’t differ since it is to provide value through content and create brand loyalty.

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Build a concrete blogging plan
Building a solid concrete blogging plan is among the most effective ways you can employ as a business owner in order to benefit from content marketing and use it to attract search engine traffic, brand loyalty and long-term clients.

Rooted at the heart of any content marketing plan is blogging. However, blogging is not meant to focus entirely on your own services and products but it is rather a platform for you to address issues of your particular industry. This is a good place to offer your perception and share views with your target customers.

Your blogging plan needs to revolve around your clients’ needs and the best way to go about it is to enumerate below each problem/issue the solutions you can offer for each one of them. Next, create blog post ideas that address each of the problems/issues in detail, providing actionable solutions against them.



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