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Criminal Record background check can help you avoid potential dating disasters. The online world has facilitated meeting people outside our narrow circle and friends and coworkers. At the same time it has increased the safety concerns associated with dating. Meeting people online means getting involved with strangers. Married men, pathological liars, hardcore criminals, sexual predators, romance scammers, identity thieves and all kinds of predatory species are lurking online in their search of the next victim. marihuana kaufen online

Here are 3 potential dangers you can avoid by running a simple criminal background check:

1. Is he a hardcore criminal?

People with criminal past always skip this “detail” from their profile and initial e-mails. Some are afraid that the existence of criminal record will reduce their chances of getting a date. Others intentionally omit the fact in order to deceive and project a better image of themselves. Felonies, arrests, pending lawsuits, DUIs -such details can reveal a lot about a person’s true character. Background check your date and be aware of his past. After all you have every right to know the truth about the person you are getting romantically involved with.

2. Is he a stalker?

Most stalkers leave very good first impressions-friendly, sociable and kind. It is only after they appear at your work place or your door step, that you realize you are dealing with a problematic person. A background check will reveal if there are past or current restraining orders issued against your date. This is really invaluable information if you want to protect yourself.

3. Is he an addict?

If a person has alcohol or drug addiction, he wouldn’t normally reveal that at the beginning of the relationship. Doing a background check can help if you want to know whether your date has some sort of addiction problems. Things like DUIs or charges for the possession of marijuana can give you some clue. The more you know about your date, the better your chances to avoid bad surprises down the road.

Criminal record background check can help you make the right dating decision. After all you wouldn’t let a complete stranger in your house. Then why let him in your heart and your life.

Author: Irena Bocheva

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