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Law has imposed that all commercial establishments such as restaurants, resorts and schools must have grease traps installed in their dishwashers, floor drains and sinks.

As what they are called, they trap oil, fats, and cooking grease while letting the safe waste run down through the drain. All the parts of a commercial grease trap are well-engineered to restrain 90% of grease, oil and fats while letting the effluent liquid pass through. This is why many plumbing companies consider it as the first line of defense for stubborn obstructions and sewer backups which, if left unattended, can result to costly plumbing emergencies.

Also, grease traps are vital to the commercial kitchens’ sanitary conditions. In many cases, clogs are caused by grease. In fact, many reports coming from emergency plumbing service contractors are about the accumulated grease, fats and oil in the drain which have solidified.

However, for grease traps to effectively function, they need proper maintenance on a regular basis. Commercial plumbing services even warn us that grease traps which are uncleared will offensive odors and sewer back flow (even expensive penalties). But, how does one properly care for their grease traps?

So, to help you ensure the good working condition of your grease traps and to Sammamish plumbers free your kitchen from unfavorable odor, remember the Dos and Dont’s below (which are suggested by professional plumbers in the US).



  • Scrape off those leftovers in the dishes and put them in the garbage. This will avoid fibrous materials to go down the drain.
  • Schedule a regular cleaning day for your trap.
  • Avoid rinsing pots and pans down to the drain otherwise; you risk your traps for serious plumbing problems. Rather, scrap fats, grease and oil into an empty container and throw to the kitchen trash can.




  • Don’t (or even try to) clean your traps with chemicals which can be harmful to them. Even bleach and emulsifiers can be harmful to them. If you need to add some cleaning agents, it is best to call a 24 hour plumber and let him do the cleaning service your traps need. Besides, fats, grease and oil are slowly decomposed by the natural bacteria living in your traps.


There are many simple ways which, if done accordingly, will significantly help you get through the expensive costs for repair and maintenance. You just need to have the willingness to (at least) give a day of your every week to give attention to your kitchen grease traps.


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