Clubbing In Bucharest

The clubbing scene and music in Romania and especially in Bucharest lines up with international trends. Various clubs compete for first place in bringing top international DJs and in organizing the best parties, whether imported from the biggest European capitals or initiated locally. In the last few years, best known world DJs, such as Sasha, Steve Lawler,Vclubshop Hybrid, James Zabiela, Lee Burridge, Sander Kleinenberg, Carl Cox, Tiesto, etc, have come to spin in the best Romanian clubs.

Kristal Glam Club is one of the best clubs in Romania. Numerous national and international DJs are regulars here. It combines the underground atmosphere of the electronic parties with the glamour of the surroundings. It’s one of the most famous clubs in Romania- lights, well decorated space, dressed-up people and a lot of enthusiasm. In 2004, Kristal Glam Club won the Award as “The best club in Romania”. In summer, it moves to Constanta, a city-resort near the Black Sea. In Constanta, Kristal Glam Club is located in an ex-castle. There you can really feel like a king and if you get too fired up you can always cool down in the club’s swimming pool near the dancing ring.

Studio Martin, a smaller club that Vclubshop is always full of people who want to have a blast, represents the competition. In comparison, Studio Martin means a much more underground atmosphere and a more relaxed dress-up code. After a few events organized under the “The Mission” brand, a true invasion of international DJs started at Studio Martin, the club that represents the beginning of electronic music in Romania. Studio Martin continues to write history in this respect.

A combination of funky disco, house, electro and break beat make a wonderful music cocktail at Embryo Club. Want to discover where you came from? Embryo is the place to do that. Conceived as a uterus with pieces of after-birth (fake, of course) on the walls it gives birth to the one of the most funky dance nights in Bucharest. Get a dose of originality and good taste!

The Office is another famous club in Bucharest. It’s classy and stylish. The music is commercial house, in order to suit all tastes. If you want to dress-up, drink French champagne and listen to happy music you can always try The Office, you might meet some famous Romanian people there.

But most of the VIPs in Bucharest go to Bamboo club. A 4 million euros investment Vclubshop resulted in a futuristic design, a 15,000 W Outline sound system and in a space that can accommodate up to 15000 people. Celebrities such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Pink, Angelina Jolie, writer Paolo Coelho, football players Adrian Mutu, Cristi Chivu, producer Francis Ford Coppola, DJs Rosario Internullo, Pagal, Marco Briguglia, and others have enjoyed a night out in club Bamboo. You can enjoy the latest dance hits and a wonderful atmosphere.

Good music, great atmosphere and people who want to have fun – this is what clubbing in Bucharest means. No matter what your tastes you can find classy pubs and fancy clubs to dance the night away. In the incendiary atmosphere sweating is definitely a must.

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