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Vinyl banners can be an effective way to grab attention and attract homebuyers. Knowing how to effectively use a banner for your real estate agency will help to increase new home sales and interested sellers. Think about what you have to offer as a real estate agency and how large banners can help to grab attention and increase sales.

The bold design and your agency colors on a banner is a great way to attract attention and promote a sale. Adding a simple, strong message can be all you need to motivate a buyer. Find out some the most effective uses for vinyl banners for your real estate agency.

Promote an Office Location

If your real estate office is happy to have a new home, an advertising Newport Residences Price banner is a great way to announce it. Homebuyers are happy to have a professional location that represents professionalism and trust. A large banner shows buyers and sellers that your location exists.

Open House

When trying to sell a house or condo, and open house is your opportunity to accentuate everything there is to offer. Bring in foot traffic is crucial for a successful open house. While yard signs are common, a vinyl banner is a great way to bring even more attention. They are designed and sized to grab attention, and are great to place at neighborhood entrances and at the home so the open house in impossible to miss.


Do you have a house that’s been sitting on the market too long? If you really want to sell a house, set it apart from the other for-sale signs throughout the neighborhood by using banners. The large, oversized advertisements will draw more attention to the property. Use this attention to list everything the house includes, like an in-ground pool, central air, a custom game room, etc.

Special Promotions

If your seller or your company is running a special promotion to help lease or sell the property faster, use a banner to increase the impact of the promotion. Customer’s associate banners with grand statements and promotions, so banners are quick to the grab attention of buyers and sellers. Keep your message simple and easy to read for the best impact and hang the banners outside the property or outside your office.

Sale Status

If your agency deals with a variety of properties, including homes, commercial properties, and condos, it’s a great idea to work with a variety of signage. Yard signs are great, but not ideal grabbing sales on larger properties. Use a vinyl banner if your selling or leasing a unit above the first floor, if you have a large commercial property, or if want to draw attention to a property that is highly visible.


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